Logic Lounge Psychology provides psychological services to individuals who need a report for a court related matter. We can assist with Section 14 (Mental health orders), Section 10 (dismissals), Section 32 (Mental Health Act) and other cases.

Our psychologists can provide expert evidence in family, civil, administrative, or criminal proceedings. Expert evidence from a psychologist can assist a court, or other tribunal, to understand any psychological matters that are considered relevant to the legal proceedings. It is important to note that our psychologists have an overriding duty to the tribunal – expert witnesses are not permitted to act as advocates for any particular party in the proceedings.

An expert forensic psychology witness will commonly provide evidence to the court in the form of a written report. A psychological report for court differs from a report written for another purpose (e.g. a clinical report) as it is written in a manner that assists the court (or other tribunal) to test the psychologist’s evidence. This means that the reasoning behind any opinion is outlined, the scientific basis of any opinion is well documented, and a comprehensive record of the interview/s is preserved.

What is the process?

  1. Have an initial discussion with us about your situation and requirements.
  2. Book an appointment with our psychologist/s.
  3. After 3 sessions, the court report will be compiled.

What is the cost?

Our reports are provided after we have seen the client at least 3 times (more sessions may be required) & the cost of the report will be $1,650 (Incl GST).
The sessions will be charged at our general consultation rate. For more details about our rates, refer to our fees page.

You can contact us to discuss your requirements and make an initial appointment.